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Intro ︎Branding ︎ Identity 

Designer & Brand Consultant

The brief was to create a whimsical brand that spoke to our childlike senses of receiving a gift. RIDER has two philosophies behind the name and identity; “riding” all the obstacles that may come and mom owned and operated.

The girl, cheetah, and logo illustration came from a loose and imperfect hand style that combines the fantasy and excitement of being a child.

RIDER is a homegoods and children’s store that sells New York made, design-forward items that make great gifts for ourselves and others.

RIDER is owned and operated by a working mom who knows intimately about the desire for beauty, play and creativity in our domestic lives. With a curated focus on gifting, the store carries primarily New York made items that are made by artisans whose values align with ours. The space is designed to feel like a home, and is often host to programming that nourishes and delights.

Logo Development