We created Tula as a lifestyle brand with an in-house content studio.

This allowed us to be nimble and create content with a deep insight on the industry and customers.

Our company was founded on three principles - education, creativity and experience.

Brand Lookbooks

Seasonal campaigns for Tula’s pottery collections in collaboration with local artists. 

Cromo Collection

Crescent Collection

Hips Collection

Social Media Marketing

With an in-house content studio at Tula, we’re able to create weekly cross-channel campaigns targeted to newsletter, social media followers and in-store shoppers.

The Tula website was designed to closely align with the brick & mortar experience.

With an ever-evolving collection of unique plants and design, the concept was to create an endless scroll of aspiring images with points of product discovery.

Product Photography

Using bright primary colors as background, the products are shot to be fun and lively. Reflecting the colors and experience of Tula’s brick-and-mortar.