Brand Identity

Defined and co-developed brand identity, positioning, strategy, and growth plan.

Co-authored the Brand Book and developed content strategy and engagement plan.

Designed brand logo, typography, illustrations, and photography style.

Created a distinguishable brand in a rapidly growing and competitive market.

Designed and developed e-commerce framework, UX and shop.

Sourced designed objects sold online and instore.

Earned national and international press.

Content Strategy

Designed e-commerce website and experience.

Managed e-commerce development with 3rd party developers.

Managed CRM software, paid advertising and SEO.

Developed and implemented social media and communication strategy including creative, copy and customer engagement campaigns.

Content development for cross channel marketing initiatives. 

Delivered 15-20 content assets week over week to maintain digital and social marketing cadence.

Managed product vendors, spending budgets, and profit margins.

R&D and production of all Tula branded objects and apparel.

Spatial Design

Designed brick-and-mortar concept, design and experience Rhinoceros 3D.

Managed total renovation and build out of 1,200 sq. ft retail store. Contracted engineers and construction team to build shop structure

Transformed 100 year old warehouse into a functioning and picturesque retail experience.

Designed and built store fixtures including tabletops, shelves, POS counter, and storage.

Developed merchandise concept and styling.


Refine strategies and evolve brand in response to economic shifts, cultural trends, and consumer demand.

Manage design and social media team.

Recruited 3rd party vendors for SEO, ad buys and integrated marketing apps.

Assisted recruitment, interviews, hires, training and termination.

Oversee day-to-day business operations.