Axe Temptation Lab

Associate Creative Director



When Axe’s misogynist brand reached an unaviodable end, Unilever looked to Edelman for a more inclusive tone. As ACD I lead the concept and production of a new look and feel that brought all genders into the Axe world.

The first opportunity to show Axe’s new tone was the launch of AXE’s Gold Temptation.

The new product created an opportunity to have in-depth conversations with consumers beyond sex appeal.

During the "AXE Summer of Temptation" guys and girls interacted with #TemptationTuesday and opened up about what truly tempts them. Feedback revealed 64 percent of people say the color red makes anything more tempting and 80 percent of TV and film viewers are tempted to read a spoiler alert before watching the corresponding episode or movie. Findings such as these served as the inspiration behind the Temptation Lab video and scenarios depicted in the content.

We created the Temptation Laboratory on Tumblr, where we turned the real temptations of men and women -- collected from comments on our social pages and answers to anonymous surveys -- into sharable gifs, videos and images. Then we let Michael B. Jordan take everyone on a tour of the Lab in an irresistible social video.