“Tulita” the Tula Plant Truck

Co-founder / Product & Design Director:
Design, Creative Direction

Born out of nessesity, the Tula Truck was a way to create a storefront when a traditional brick and morter is not a possiblity.

Opportunity: “Tulita” is the first of it’s kind. A mobile Greenhouse that explores different neighborhoods to make owning plants an easier and more interactive experience. On the truck customers can speak to the owners and receive one on one consultation and eduction about the plants that are right for them.

Creative Solution:
“Tulita” is a refurbished 1987 P30 Chevy. The design included removing the roof and installing plexiglass panels, reminiscent to a greenhouse. A large retractable service window was cut from the side, and the roll-top back door was replaced for 2 swing doors. All the signage on “Tulita" was hand-painted to continue the hand-made, horticulture aesthetic of Tula’s brand.

As co-founder I lead the truck design and concept. 

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