Tula Plants & Design


Creative Director

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Tula Plants & Design is a plant shop and content studio in Brooklyn, NY. Tula's foundation is to bring us closer to nature while exploring new ways to design and experience plants so we might all grow wild together.

When Tula launched, the plant world was homogeneous, from the representational lifestyle to the plants themselves. So we developed a brand that spoke directly to a young, curious, design-forward consumer.

As the Co-Founder and Creative Director, I authored the creation of Tula's positioning, branding, and strategy. The process led us to Tula's three pillars; Creativity, Education, and Experience. Once our positioning became the cornerstone of the business, I developed the "Creativity" pillar, which became the brand system and aesthetics of Tula—creating the logo, typography, product photography, and illustrations that would set the brand apart.

As part of the "Experience" pillar, we set out to make shopping with Tula an active encounter, never a passive one. The first manifestation of this idea was 'Tulita the Plant Truck,' the first plant truck of its kind. Simultaneously, we built strong relationships with local vendors to offer a hard-to-find and unique product that inspired discovery in an untapped market. As a result, Tula's shopping experience evolved from a custom-built plant truck to a renovated 100-year-old warehouse in the style of a welcoming Cuban courtyard. The final piece was a dynamic and engaging e-commerce site that mimicked the discovery and delight of our in-store shopping environment.

As part of the "Creativity" pillar, we built an in-house creative studio to fulfill our audience's educational requests and keep them engaged; this venture produced a constant stream of educational and entertaining content. The fast-paced and uniquely branded content succeeded in building an organic and loyal customer base who have followed us from our days selling plants from a plant truck to a brick-a-mortar, and now e-commerce.

My partner and I succeeded in building a distinguishable brand in a rapidly growing industry. As more brands and consumers enter the market, Tula remains a pillar of the plant world. Inspiring consumers and businesses alike to learn, discover and experience plants and communities in a uniquely modern way.