Brand Identity


Tula represents the wonders of the natural world through a unique lens - playful, comical, and perhaps, a bit wild.

As Creative Director:

Logo Development
Color Palette
Product & Web Photography
Website Concept & Design
Store Collateral
Apparel Design


The Tula logo was created to match the feel and movement of nature. Uneven, wild, and joyous.

Primary Color Palette

Primitive and simple, the three colors that match tones and colors found in nature.


Sofia Pro is the official serious and clean typeface of Tula. 

Infini is the official fun typeface of Tula.

Our House is Your House.

Tula House is not only a name, it is an extension of home. Inviting visitors to explore, learn, and create. Tula is Design for All Living Things, continually inspired by plant-focused design.