New Arc

Hand Painted Signs, Acrylic

At 85 Market Street in Newark, NJ, a large sign reading “The Furniture King” clings to an abandoned three-story building. Possibly a true statement in the building’s recent past, it is now a relic of a once thriving furniture community.

Since the introduction of "Public Art" or "Site Specific Art" as a practice, unavoidable pitfalls and controversies have existed. And will possibly always exist when an outsider is invited to make work within a foreign community. Understanding the challenge I tried to be aware of certain typologies and history of the neighborhood to better integrate a dialogue between the neighbors and myself. Walking along Market Street many storefronts use the art of hand-painted signs to market their goods, a rare form of communication that shows the humanity, imperfection, and creativity of the painter and storeowner. Inserting myself into the language the neighborhood is already speaking, I used this technique to speak about these common traits as it pertains to everyone, including myself. Recalling the traditional “sale” and “going out of business” verbiage that persists throughout this community I wanted to create an honest statement about our own personal flaws and vulnerabilities.

The installation consists of a hand painted sign for each of the 7 window panels along the 2nd floor of 85 Market Street.