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I am a creative director, designer, builder, and business owner, with a unique understanding of brand development and business operations.

My 18 years of experience includes digital & product design, experiential & environmental builds, branding, and full service marketing campaigns. With an emphasis on developing a complete brand identity for both new and pivoting brands.

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Tula Plants & Design

& Creative Director ︎︎︎

Brand Development:

  • Defined and co-developed brand identity, positioning, strategy, and growth plan.

  • Co-authored the Brand Book and developed content strategy and engagement plan.

  • Designed brand logo, typography, illustrations, and photography style.

  • Design and developed a unique e-commerce experience with a rapid month over month growth.

  • Manage product vendors, spending budgets, and profit margins.

Marketing & Product Development:

  • Designed, researched, and produced brand objects and apparel.

  • Strategies content development for cross channel marketing initiatives.

  • Created 15-20 pieces of content weekly of product and retail photography, graphic designs, and website updates to maintain marketing cadence.

  • Earned national and international press.

  • Created a distinguishable brand in a rapidly growing and competitive market.

Retail Development:

  • Co-developed storefront concept and planning.

  • Oversaw construction design and management of 1,100 sq. ft retail store.

  • Designed and built store fixtures including tabletops, shelves, POS counter, and storage.

  • Developed merchandise concept and styling.

  • Hired and managed retail floor staff.

Tula began in 2015 after recognizing a growing trend in the natural world.

What intrigued my co-founder and I the most about plants was the lack of creativity and education found in competitive research. We quickly developed the Tula positioning, branding, strategy and growth plan from there.

When Tula began, the plant world was homogeneous, from the representational lifestyle to the plants themselves. We developed and nurtured a brand that spoke directly a young, curious, and design forward consumer. 

In defining our business strategy we faced the challenge of a small budget, live product & an antiquated supply chain. Our solution; to start from the ground up.

We first developed strong relationships with local vendors to offer a hard-to-find and unique product that activated discovery in an audience who were waiting for something new.

We then created an in-house content studio to produce a constant stream of educational and entertaining content. This kept our customers inspired to care for and grow thier new plant collection. In turn we built an organic and loyal following who followed us from pop-ups to brick and mortar.


& Branding 

Design For All Living Things

Tula is for all living things.

Founded to bring us closer to nature without sacrificing style or sustainability.

Our ecosystem of design and creativity considers plants, people and planet so we might all grow wild together.


Visual Design
& Branding

As Senior Visual Desinger, I developed the visual language for the company and app.

Designing, illustrating and producing the guidelines that carry through the various platform

Linkt, devleoped by Datacubed Health, is a fully integrated electronic data capture app, designed using gaming mechanics and reward-driven behavior change to increase participation and improve retention for clinical trials.

Data collection is fully automated, gamified, and engaging, using human centered principles and modern technology.

The Linkt app walks users through their study journey having them complete tasks, diaries and questionnaires, while taking them through a number of engaging worlds and earning progress points throughout.

The app is visually engaging with bright illustrations and rich interactions designed to reduce to clinical nature of these various activities. Active tasks are treated like games with scoreboards, points, and point multipliers, allowing subjects to be more engaged while providing data on cognition, memory, movement, vision, and other clinical assessments. The system provides hooks for different reward mechanics including digital, cash or real-world rewards to keep patients in the study through it’s conclusion.

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Datacubed Health
Johnson & Johnson
Wildlife Conservation Society

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