I Might Feel Differently About
It Tomorrow

Pine, MDO, Tyvek, Shop Light, Chalk

The monument is as ubiquitous as any structure in the city, the dominant neoclassical form being the most associated with its typology. The plinth is a fixed, iconographic structure that acts as a place marker for the city as much as a place for commemorating. The memorial in contrast is ephemeral by nature, the location is predetermined by the event and is never promised to be permanent. An event happens within a specific location so the materialization must adjust to its surroundings, such as candles lit on a street corner for a shooting or a ghost bike tied to a lamp post.

This project tries to not only address the monument/memorial comparison, but also ideas of the temporal city and architectural phenomenology, the experience through sensory properties in reference to building materials. A traditional shipping crate made of MDO plywood, 1 x 4 boards, and Tyvek is built in the shape of a classical neoclassical monument plinth. Functionally the structure is meant to travel and withstand the circumstances of being handled and moved. The crate is a vessel to become a monument for anything or nothing. It adapts to display a story to any person, place, or thing. The structure contains as many modular parts as possible to be fully adjustable, including chalkboard surface for titles and icons. As so it also becomes an archive, collecting information and a piece of everything it has shown in the past.

Photos below show a monument to Jaruco, Cuba.