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Creative Direction
Strategy & Concept Development
Video Editing & Motion Graphics
Carpentry & Fabrication


Adobe Suite
Rhino 3D modeling
Sketch UI/UX software


Managing a Design Team
Business Development
Product Research and Budgeting
Construction Design and Mangement

I am a designer, maker, and business owner with a unique understanding of design and business operations.

My 18 years of experience includes digital & product design, experiential & environmental builds, branding, and full service marketing campaigns. I excel in developing a complete brand identity for both new and pivoting brands; from typography to storefront design.

Most recently, I co-founded Tula Plants & Design, a creative alternative for plants, education and design for indoor life. I have played a role in every aspect of building, launching, operating and evolving Tula. Including the branding and retai concept, growth strategy and business model.

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Tula Plants & Design


Brooklyn, New York
Nov. 2015-

Tula launched in 2016 as a response to the growing need for plants, education and design for indoor life. As a co-founder I led the branding and retail concept, and worked in partnership to build the business strategy and operations.

In the years since, the Tula audience, retail space and profits have respectively doubled and grown 100% in a crowded competative field. I have played a role in every aspect of building, launching, operating and evolving Tula. Including creating and maintaining Tula’s brand identity, content strategy, products, and physical store design.

Brand Development:

  1. Defined and co-developed brand identity, positioning, strategy, and growth plan.

  2. Co-authored the Brand Book and developed content strategy and engagement plan.

  3. Designed brand logo, typography, illustrations, and photography style.

  4. Design and devleoped a unqiue e-commerce experience with a rapid month over month growth.

  5. Manage product vendors, spending budgets, and profit margins.

Retail Devlopement:

  1. Co-developed storefront concept and planning.

  2. Oversaw construction design and management of 1,100 sq. ft retail store.

  3. Designed and built store fixtures including tabletops, shelves, POS counter, and storage.

  4. Delveloped merchandise concept and styling.

  5. Hired and managed retail floor staff.

Marketing & Product Development:

  1. Designed, reasearched, and produced brand objects and apparel.

  2. Strategize content development for cross channel marketing initiatives.

  3. Created 15-20 pieces of content weekly of product and retail photography, graphic designs, and website updates to maintain marketing cadence.

  4. Earned national and international press.

  5. Created a distinguishable brand in a rapidly growing and competitive market.

Datacubed  Health

Visual Designer

Brooklyn, NY
Feb 2017 – Feb 2019

Datacubed Health is a pioneering technology company making better science and healthier communities a reality. Appling individualized solutions for the capture of data, including smartphone apps, wearable, in-home, and environmental sensors, for remote engagement with patients and for virtual clinical studies.

Brand Development:

Designed brand identity; logo, typography, colors, and illustrations.

App Development:

  1. Developed app design elements and principles

  2. UX/UI game design.

  3. Magaged junior design team.

La Salle University

Adjunct Professor

Philadelphia, PA
January 2016 – April 2016

Taught Advanced Animation and Web Scripting/
Creative Coding for the Spring 2016 semester.


Associate Creative Director, Experiential

New York, New York
Jan. 2013-Nov. 2015

Managed a large design team and spearheaded communication and marketing campaigns within the Digital and Experiential department.

Ranging from strategy to production, we created experiential & environmental builds for online, mobile and physical applications.

Clients included:
Wildlife Conservation Society